"Come and See" Protocol

Protocol for “Come and See”

Minimum stay is one week.

Please wear skirts and a modest top during your stay. No slacks or halter tops.

A fee of $100 per week is required for your stay which covers the room and board for the week.

 The fee remains even if you cut short your stay.

We ask you to change the bed linens before you leave. Cleans bed linens are on the shelf in your cell.

 The linens will be washed after you leave.

Our Horarium:

Rising: Your discretion but no later than 4:30 am

Breakfast, pickup

5:15 Matins

5:45 Lauds, free time for reading, personal care

7:10 leave for Mass Tues, Wed.

8:30am Leave for Mass Mon, Fri.

Mass at Convent Thurs. 8:30 am

11:30-12.00 Main meal, silence at meal

Cleanup (dishes)

12:15  Sext , adoration, free time for rest, study ,work

3:00 None

,4:30 Supper (pick up)

5:15 Vespers, Compline

Great Silence

8:30 Retire

 Mon afternoon-Divine Office Class

Thursday-Individual Conference

Great Silence:

After the first 2 days of the “Come and See” silence is observed. 

 Speaking is allowed always when necessary and in a low voice. 

Questions will be addressed during the conference times.


This “come and see” is for your discernment as to whether your vocation is here at the Convent of Peace and Good. Franciscan spirituality is our focus and our mission is contemplative prayer and adoration.. 

 Free time is used for private prayer and study of our life or contemplative work.

 The Guardian is here to protect the atmosphere of a sacred space of which you have been invited by

acceptance of as “come and see” guest.

We request no use of cell phones unless you decide to cut your “come and see” short. 

This is a time for you- your discernment and retreat. But it is also a home where others reside so we expect cooperation and participation in our prayer life. Some changes may occur in the schedule if situations arise.

May you receive peace and every good while you are here.


If you would like to schedule a "come and see", we request that you take the time to complete this form. Please use separate paper but address all questions. If they are not applicable, please put N/A.

This is confidential information and will not be shared. The purpose of this questionnaire is to ascertain if you are ready to be considered for entrance into our community. If you are not accepted, the questionnaire will be returned and our copy will be destroyed.

Please scroll over the block below for the link to the Entrance Application.

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