The Franciscan Convent of Peace and Good

The Convent of Peace and Good was established in Skowhegan, Maine in 2014.  The 100 year old home holds many memories.  It was a farm, a sheep farm and before the Companions of Clare purchased the property, it was a temporary home for youth.

The house sits on 7 acres. 

 The Companions of Clare are counter-cultural, practicing silence and mindfulness.

Blessed indeed are all who live or visit here. 

Our Way of Life

Our day is simple in structure with Holy Mass, Divine Office and rosary in common.  

Reading and private study time is available.  

We maintain to the best of our ability the house and grounds.

Explanation of the Uniform

The uniform (the term used by Beguines) reflects the Franciscan spirituality which is the soul of the community.  A simple brown tunic, gray scapular and white cord with head cover and black veil is worn. This identifies the Companions of Clare as consecrated women.


Rising- Your Discretion

Breakfast- PIckup

5:45- Matins, Lauds

Free Time-  (Personal care, Reading, Study)

Holy Mass

11:45-  Sext

Dinner (Main Meal)

Free Time ( Work, Read, Study)

2:30- Rosary, None

Supper (Pickup)

4:45- Vespers, Compline

Retire - Your Discretion

The Companions of Clare host 3 alpacas Convento (white), Pace (faun), Bene ( brown) and small flock of chickens.  The alpacas supply fleece for spinning and weaving and the chickens assure the community of fresh eggs.