Companions of Clare


Companions of Clare is a New Hampshire 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. Companions of Clare’s IRS Application for Recognition of 501(c)(3) Exempt Status is on file with the IRS and its 501(c)(3) determination letter has been received. It is retroactive as of March 8, 2011. Companions of Clare have requested IRS classification as a religious order affiliated with the Catholic Church.

The Companions of Clare invite you to visit the ESTY site friendsofpoorclare. We are blessed to have the profits of this business donated to the Companions of Clare. The owners are very selective as to their items. Only quality vintage is offered. They are bearing in mind the words of Pope Francis to reuse and recycle.

If you would like to contribute from you abundance or with a "widow's mite", please send a check to

Franciscan Convent of Peace and Good
Companions of Clare
627 Middle Road
Skowhegan, Maine 04976

Any questions, please use our contact page, or email directly Sr. Courtney Haase, CoC at

In lieu of a financial contribution, we ask your prayers for the fulfillment of this community. This will ensure we are building treasure in heaven.