Companions of Clare

Courtney Haase, Companion of Clare
Biographical Sketch

1945                     born New Orleans, LA
1961                     entered Poor Clare Monastery (June 8th, New Orleans)
1977                     left community (I had been there half my life), moved to New Hampshire woods
1978                     started goat farming
1979                     purchase and moved to current house
1987                     My mother joined me in farming
1991 to present    Overseer of Welfare for the Town of Sutton
1991                     licensed producer/processor of goat milk/cheese
1992                     initiated, developed and received FDA approval for a pasteurizer for small scale dairies
                             started a non-profit The Small Dairy Project
1993                     Farm of Distinction award
1994                     first woman to be elected to the Board of Selectman for the Town of Sutton
1995                     first woman in the US in agriculture to be nominated as an Ashoka Fellow candidate
2004                     closed dairy
2005                     buried my Mom
2006 to present    opened a religious gallery with handmade rosaries and other items
2010                     created Companions of Clare Concept Paper
2011                      renewed my profession (June 8th)

Throughout all these years I have received copious amounts of unsolicited publicity.  In all that was published and/or filmed there has been an obvious thread of faith and Franciscan spirituality.  I have never been shy
about expressing my roots.  I have constantly worked to integrate my spirituality with my lifestyle.  While the physical externals temporarily changed from convent to goatherd, I have always kept my center rooted in the Gospel.  This has been my strength.  This is what gives me courage to risk.